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Gulf Stream is truly a Pest Company. Owner Jeff of Gulfstream Eterminating Co. Is about as rude as they come.......only when I called him a "jack ***" did he realized he was yelling and screaming at a customer (of 10+ years) who had a complaint.

In June my handyman saw termites in a low corner of my building. The outside of that corner had water issues and he was fixing the problem. When he opened up inside base board trim, he told me there were termites and I have to call exterminator. Gulf Stream Jeff showed up 3 weeks later and told me there were no termites and the vwall has dry rot from outside water.

Great! No termites!

we started fixing the back (oposite of low corner) side of the building and Discovered colonies of termites. They had to live there for a long, long time. I have been paying monthly service to Gulfstream for over 10 years thinking they are protecting my property.Gulfstream Jeff even even "cleared" my property few months ago....just not very well ......and instead of saying....lets fix can we fix it...he proceeded to say /scream that none of this is his fault...screaming, yelling, going around the SAME thing over and over...seriously......REALLY??......


Anyone who is looking for a pest!

Review about: Rude Behaviour.

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